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North America - USA - Europe - Asia A professional concert and music festival consultant, Agora has experience in event management, concert promotions and festival production experience will significantly benefit your concert or music festival!


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* Music Festival Management * Festival Site Layout * Concert/ Festival Marketing & Web Design

Agora's music festival and concert consulting, managing entire multi-day, big format music festivals onsite, or consulting remotely on one segment of a smaller one-off indoor concert is invaluable. Agora sizes up your event and music festival needs in one brief music festival consultation.

With your knowledge of your intended performers, venue, budget, market conditions, Hal can determine the plausibility and forecast profitability for you. His concert and music festival manual is considered the best, most comprehensive promoter's help of our time, and his festival promoting and production experience goes back to before Ticketmaster even existed. Agora's festival knowledge is unique and unmatched in the industry. His experience is case hardened.

A music festival and concert promotions expert, he has taught hundreds of promoters hard learned lessons. Hal will instantly point out your biggest issues far in advance, allowing you time to act upon them. He will see things about your music festival or concert you can't, and like seeking lessons when starting a sport or any important career endeavor, attempting to promote a concert or music festival without a professional consultant is a mistake. Try it and you will see quickly that you need help. Concerts and music festivals are not a business you just want to figure out as you go.

Agora partnered with a legendary music festival producer, providing specialized marketing, administration or production for an array of events from trade shows to major music festivals.

We focus on results through quality work and can bring sponsors to your events


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