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Patient Transportation

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Patient Process and Initiation

Understanding patient needs to ensure most efficient, reliable transportation plan by patient


♦ Reliable transportation to and from the clinical sites
♦ Centralized coordination of your patient transportation
♦ Centralized, well documented invoicing
♦ Monthly global reports including transportation cost per site, location and patient
♦ Increased study visit adherence & patient retention due to reliable transportation
♦ Options of 800 numbers per country
♦ Time savings for site coordinators

Clinical Trial Sites

CRO Companies

Pharmaceutical companies

Patient Transportation

♦ Worldwide patient transportation during clinical trials
♦ We secure and coordinate the entire trip to and from the patient's home to the clinical trials' sites (including but not limited to taxis, car rentals, ambulances, hotels and flights)
♦ Fixed cost for the coordination of transportation
♦ The transportation can be as simple as a taxi ride or as complex as an ambulance picking up the patient, taking them to the airport, booking a hotel, reimbursing their dinner, taking them to the site and returning them to their destination.

Patient Payment

♦ We can handle all payments to patients including any participation fees
♦ All payments can be made patient's local currency


Each clinical trial transportation is unique and has its own set of payment guidelines.

♦ You will receive a detailed invoice with copies of the bills (patient names removed)
♦ We adhere to the guidelines of the specific trial


♦ Quick turnaround for patient’s reimbursement
♦ International patients are reimbursed in their local currency
♦ Advances for your patients who cannot afford the trips

CPT works closely with CROs and Pharmaceutical companies and clinical trial sites’ guidelines to insure that reimbursement is compliant.

Patient Profiling

We collect all the contact information
- First & last name
- Telephone & address
- Preferred communication method
- Caregivers
- Needs (wheelchair etc)

Transportation Needs

- Plane
- Ambulance
- Sedan
- Car rentals


- Specifics
- Combinations
- Hotels
- Reimbursement
- Meals


- Telephone
- Fax
- Email


How it all works

Site or patient transportation booking

Either patient or Site calls an 800 number - Call - email or fax

Patient Reminder

Option to have a patient reminded by phone or email

Transportation executed

Car - Ambulance - Self - plane - Combinations


A coded invoice is sent per transportation indicating 1) traveler initials 2) Site 3) Date


Reporting is available

Service Structure

We customize each Transportation to the patient needs


• We coordinate all travel arrangements.
• Payment of transportation and other travel related services are paid by travel concierge company
and billed to client. (Patient is not involved in financial aspect of transportation.)
• Worry‐free mode of transportation for patients.


• We reimburse patients for their travel‐related expenses.
• Useful for bus, subway, and other types of transportation modes where third‐party coordination is
Reimburse difficult.


• We “front/lend” transportation and other travel‐related costs to patient.
• Patient will have money to cover transportation prior to study visit.
• This is useful for patients who may prefer to use a less expensive mode of transportation (bus,
subway, rentals etc) but who may not have sufficient funds to pay for the transportation up front.

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