Logistics & Management for National & International Advisory Boards, Investigators Meetings, Sales Meetings, Satellite Symposia, WebEx

Global Presence & Experience

Our goal is to provide comprehensive meeting, event, and convention management services to the health care, pharmaceutical, and device industries.

Our goal is to provide comprehensive meetings, events and convention management services to health care, pharmaceutical, Medical Education Companies and device industries



What you can delegate

• Recruitment (speakers and audience)
• Site selection (contract negotiations)
• Confirmations, reminders
• Air & ground reservations
• Staffing
• AV & PowerPoint management


• Attendance – Sign-in
• Contracts, W8, W9
• Rooming
• Financial reports with backup
• TOTALITY Reporting


• AV Support
• Web Design
• PowerPoint Design


• Advisory Boards
• Investigators’ Meetings
• Training Meetings
• Dinner Meetings
• Partner Closed Meetings
• Congresses
• Tradeshows
• WebEx Meetings
• Web Meetings


• On-Site Staff (1 to 100)
• From 20 person advisory board to 5,000 person
• Product launch meeting
• Worldwide Experience

A little More

Why use us

• Experienced: 15 years +
• Reliable: Proven track record
• National & International experience: 30 countries
• Flexible
• Specialized in last minute requests

International Experience

15 years – Most European cities, trend in 2014-15 is to do at airport hotels like London Heathrow or Sheraton Amsterdam

Every meeting project begins with an understanding and agreement of purpose.

- Who is your desired audience?
- What message do you want to convey?
- How do you want your attendees to interact with you and with each other?
- What are your overall objectives for this program?
- How do you want to be updated as to the planning process? - in regular weekly conference calls, or e-mails, or only when necessary?
- Once these questions are answered and a date for the event itself is set, a timeline is established.

EventsByAgora Medical Meetings & Events has developed customized checklists to plan every detail of the more standard types of medical and pharmaceutical meetings. These range from advisory board meetings to satellite symposia at large international conventions. The concurrent management of all of the facets of meeting planning is truly an art.

Different meetings require that different components take priority. For example, advisory board meetings and individual, free-standing meetings may be completely dependent upon availability of specific health care providers. If “Dr. Smith” is the leading expert in a particular treatment modality, the meeting will have to be scheduled with his calendar in mind.

It is EventsByAgora Medical Meetings' job to efficiently manage all of the moving parts of a meeting planning process to bring them together for the start of the meeting.

The on-site success of any project depends upon solid pre-meeting planning.

All of those affected in some way by the meeting must know what to expect and have a clear plan of how they are participating in the meeting. Clients, speakers, attendees, suppliers, venues, and service personnel of all types must know their role. Effective communication in the planning stage eliminates all but the surprise situations that may present themselves on-site.

All on-site EventsByAgora Medical Meetings team members and one EventsByAgora Medical Meetings' support person not on-site, receive a detailed meeting summary before anyone arrives on-site. Clients also receive an abbreviated version of meeting summary as appropriate.

The EventsByAgora Medical Meetings & Events team always precede any guests to the airports, transportation areas, hotels, meetings, and social venues. Meetings with the on-site suppliers and service providers are held face-to-face to ensure that everyone is prepared for the arrival of guests.

During these meetings, the on-site resume is reviewed, hotel meeting and guest rooms are checked, computers and registration desks are set up, etc. While there are too many on-site details to list here, every single one of these details is continuously reviewed on-site, as are the responsibilities of each on-site EventsByAgora Medical Meetings & Events team member.

Exceptional service and accommodation of all guests, while meeting your objectives, is our goal.


This process begins during the meeting itself as each EventsByAgora Medical Meetings team member maintains a daily log of his or her experiences on-site. These are reviewed together at the end of the day or the following morning, allowing for a more formal communication process with clients and vendors.

Just as importantly, these notes are also used to evaluate the success of the meeting against objectives and to reconcile financial accounts. EventsByAgora Medical Meetings & Events often suggests follow up Thank You letters, which provide an additional reminder to the guests of the meeting that they attended.

Budget reconciliation for the project is completed as quickly as possible from the end of the meeting. The financial reconciliation of actual-versus-budgeted costs will be accompanied by an explanation of any significant fluctuations over or under. EventsByAgora Medical Meetings encourages feedback from any personnel involved in the meeting, as we strive to improve our process every day.