Political Meetings

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Political Meetings

Checking the available resources (know-how, individuals with different skills…) for the conference (this task is essential to find out if you have the manpower to organize an event). This task is a logical continuation of getting the support because the ones who are supporting you are most likely to take an active role in preparing the conference. With this task you’ll find out who is prepared to do a specific task and who has the knowledge to do it. You want to know who has any kind of experience concerning the task that is ahead or has any organizational skills.

Key People
- Head of conference (usually is also Head of organizational team);
- Head of finances (preparing the budget, providing the money for the conference);
- Head of program (what would be the program like, getting in touch with the guests, lecturers, participants of the round tables…
- Head of accommodation (reservation of the hotel and everything concerning the staying of participants at the location, meals,)
- Head of logistics (transport hotel-faculty-hotel and around the city, sight seeing, night life…
- Head of technical support (preparation of meeting rooms, audio-video equipment, info-point, photocopying…)
- Head of public relations

Head of the conference
As stated above the Head of conference is usually also the Head of organizational committee. He is in charge for technical and organizational preparation of the conference. He directly leads, organizes and supervises the work of entire organizational team. He takes part in all fazes of preparation, execution, ending and evaluation. From these general assignments1 we can enumerate specific tasks:

He is responsible for executing all the tasks of the organizational team;

- This tasks provide a general overview. It is possible to decline from this view in both ways. The purpose of this overview is to give an idea of what should a particular
- He takes part, with His suggestions, in preparation of the lists of needed materials (office and other);
- He is responsible for updating the home page of the conference;
- He is available for the members of His team for help and advice;
- He is responsible for a normal course of events;
- He passes out the tasks to His team;
- Together with the members of the team sets up a time frame of the event;

During his work the Head of organizational team takes into consideration suggestions and advices of other members of the team. For the needs of harmonization of the work he organizes regular meetings of the team. An essential part of these meetings is also analyzing of the work that has been already done. After the conference he takes an active role in evaluation and drawing of the final report of the event.

Head of finances
The most important task is drawing up the budget and gathering the funds needed for the event. All the other members of the team help her/him with His task, especially the Head of conference. Head of finances is responsible for positive management of the event. He is coordinating the needs (financial, material) of other members of the team. With the available resources he tries to satisfy as much needs as possible.
Individual tasks are:

- he’s in charge of financing before, during and after the event;
- he collects and keeps track of delegation payments;
- during the event he’s in charge of common purse;
- responsible for appropriate security of common purse;
- responsible for setting up the final financial report.

Head of program
His job is to prepare the program of the conference. This means he has to plan every event from getting up in the morning to going to sleep. He can conduct this task with the help of the team or other people, but if the task is not completed in time or not done properly he is the one responsible. Individual tasks are:
- preparing the order of the day;
- getting in touch with the lecturers, participants of round tables etc.;
- informing the Head of technical support which meeting rooms are need and when;
- planning the evening events, making reservations if needed2;
- informing the Head of accommodation when should the meals take place;
- responsible for a contingency plan in case lecturers cancel their attendance five
minutes prior to start of the lecture.
2 This is conducted with Head of logistics.
9 Agora Manual

Head of accommodation
This is one of more difficult tasks. He has to find a place to stay for about 20 - 120 participants.. Avoid, if possible, accommodating your participants in different hotels around the city as this will pose a big problem for Head of logistics. It’s not as easy as it looks. He has to make reservations in a hotel early enough. Here he must work closely with Secretary General as he is the one who can give the exact number of participants. Make sure you that closing date for applications gives you enough time to make the reservation. Once you have the exact number of participants you can make reservations for lunch and dinner. Add to the number five more meals, just in case.

Head of logistics
This task includes all transport of participants around the city during the event. It also includes transport from/to airport, train station, etc. The arrival of delegates probably represents the most demanding part of this task as they arrive at different times and different locations. This means you need to have enough people and transport means to transport the delegates to the hotel. The easiest part is therefore transport from hotel to faculty and back as it takes place at the same hours every day. And you already have all the delegates in one place. You’ll probably use public means of transport so make sure to give the participants the tickets. You also need to organize transport for sight-seeing. If this event takes place in the city this poses no problem - you can use public means of transport in the city.

Head of technical support
His task is to prepare the meeting rooms in time, make sure that the audio-video equipment is working properly. For successful conducting of this task he should have 4 – 5 people helping him (depending on the size of the conference). Some other tasks are:
- responsible for up date of info – point and materials available there;

His task is to maintain and refresh the home page of the conference (if you have one). He is not in charge of the content of the home page, only the outlook of the page. Individual Heads provides her/him the content for the home page. PR team can be responsible for the outlook of the page and the webmaster becomes in charge for the technical side of the page. It is your decision.

Head of public relations
If you want to be mentioned in the media than you need your PR team. Task of this team is to get in touch with as many journalists, reporters as they can and keep them informed about your events (lectures, round tables, etc.). Prepare special maps with materials for journalists and make sure that they have a seat in front of the room.


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