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What a great opportunity to reach out to clients - patients - physicians and interested parties.

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Social Media

Patients increasingly are turning to social media to learn more about their diseases and treatments because much of the information they receive from traditional sources is "difficult to understand and interpret." Still, pharmaceutical companies are hesitant to become more involved in social media, which puts them at a disadvantage.

Risk versus benefits of using social media

As any corporation knows, social media has its challenges, but these are usually outweighed by the benefits. "Although pharma perceives some risk in using social media, it's actually riskier not to use it," Dr. Matis-Mitchell said. Specifically, social media offers drug companies opportunities to connect with patients and understand what they are saying about: The industry — e.g., costs of medicine Their therapy — e.g., tolerance, adverse events, side effects Their disease or condition — which is an opportunity for R&D to identify unmet needs A particular company — e.g., its service and reputation Competitors — so this can be a form of competitive intelligence

Social Media Engagement: Top 10 Pharma Companies

Of the 50 largest drugmakers worldwide, only half are involved in social media at all, and just 10 use all three of the largest social media sites — Facebook, Twitter and YouTube — according to a recent report, Engaging patients through social media, by the IMS Institute for Healthcare Informatics. Following are the top 10 ranked pharmaceutical companies, according to the IMS Health Social Media Engagement Index, and each company's score. The Index reflects the current overall usage of social media by pharmaceutical companies on healthcare-related topics.

70 Johnson & Johnson
25 GlaxoSmithkline
23 Novo Nordisk
20 Pfizer
18 Novartis
18 Boehringer
16 Bayer
13 Merck & Co
10 AstraZeneca